Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Five Months

Taken a few days late this month, but here he is, our cute-as-a-button five month old boy!

He enjoys sucking on his toes, playing with his toys and watching everything his big brother does.  He is trying very hard to be mobile and has mastered the art of sequential rolling (he literally rolled from one side of the basement to the other, squealing the whole way the night we got home from our big road trip...I think he was happy to have some space to move around). 
He is starting to want to sleep on his side at night.  I'll put him in his jammies and his sleep sack, feed him his final bottle of the night and substitute a pacifier for his bottle once he takes the last drink.  As soon as I lay him in his crib, he spits out the pacifier, rolls onto his side, grabs a handful of sleepsack and stuffs it in his mouth.  He lulls himself to sleep by sucking on his sleep sack.  It is pretty cute.  Sometimes, he'll roll all the way over onto his belly and get upset, so I'll have to go flip him back over (he can do it himself, but I think he just gets so upset that he's no longer sucking on his jammies that he forgets to roll back over and just cries for me instead).  Once I return him to his back, he immediately rolls back onto his side and resumes sucking on his sleep sack.
He's pretty enthusiastic about his jumper lately, too.  He often jumps and squeals while I cook dinner or while I'm chasing after the little man.  Sometimes, he jumps as we're holding him.  It seems like his little legs and feet are constantly kicking and moving.  I also don't think it will be long before he starts crawling. He can push himself up on his forearms very well and has even started to get rugburn on his toes from kicking his legs so much into the carpet trying in vain to propel himself forward. He is so eager to keep up with the little man, you can just sense his determination.
He's starting to get some good torso strength and has been able to do some supported sitting. He tries to sit on his own, but he still has to use his arm to tripod himself upright and we need to stay close because he is quite tipsy.  It won't be long, though.
He has great facial expressions and he still gives us the pouty lip, Mr. Grumpy Face look from time to time, which is so so cute.  He also has an adorable sour face expression that he reserves for when i'm attempting to feed him rice cereal (he's NOT a fan).  Most of the time, we get smiles, though.  He still takes the prize as the world's best baby -- so happy, so agreeable, so snuggly.  He is a breeze to put to sleep and uber-cooperative as we wake him in the middle of the night to feed him.
He's wearing size 3 diapers now (we had several blowouts on our road trip and decided it was time to move up a size) and is still in the 3-6 month clothing, but is starting to reach the limits on some of the outfits. It won't be long before we're digging into the 6-9 month bin. 
His list of states visited has grown exponentially recently.  He now has Colorado, Michigan, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio and Nebraska -- not bad for only being 5 months old!
It's hard to believe he has already grown and developed so much.  Time certainly does fly!