Friday, March 14, 2014

Sick Day

We've been really fortunate to stay so healthy this last year.  Other than a mild cold that worked its way through the family in the fall, we haven't had any illness to speak of since LB's string of hospital stays last year around the holidays.  Unfortunately, our luck ran out this week when LB came down with a mild stomach bug. 
He woke up around 4 a.m. on Wednesday morning with a stinky, leaky diaper and after we got him (and his bed) all cleaned up, we immediately launched into his sick day protocol of hourly calorie-rich polycose mixed in Pedialyte and carnitine supplements.  Not sure where this illness would land us and for how long, both my husband and I stayed home with him on Wednesday. We packed a hospital bag expecting to end up there at some point that day, but after being in touch with his specialists throughout the day and carefully monitoring his intake, we were pleasantly surprised to be permitted to weather this illness at home.  They said things would get easier as he got older and although it was pretty stressful to stay on top of his feeding regimen, we were super excited to be able to manage him at home for once.
By Thursday, he was doing a lot better, but he still wasn't ready to go back to the sitter. I had some out of town guests visiting the office for a meeting, so my husband took sick day duty with LB.  They had a good day and he continued to keep his intake within the guidelines, so all was well.
By Friday, he was still doing fine, but we wanted to keep him home one more day and through the weekend to be doubly sure he was going to stay on track.  I stayed home with him today and we had tons of fun.
Pretty much as soon as my husband and our older son closed the garage door to head to work and preschool, LB wanted to wear his big brother's Iron Man costume. 
Then, he wanted to paint.

Then he wanted to play outside.

I could get used to this staying home with the kiddos thing.  I had a blast!  I think LB was a little tuckered out, though.  Shortly after this photo, he went down for a much deserved nap.

We're very grateful that he got well so quickly and managed to stay out of the hospital.  It DOES get easier!!